Quality is our key competitive edge, it is "a journey rather than a process starts from cultivation all the way to customer delivery".

We go through certified labs, testing all of the following:
1-    Flavor and texture.
2-    Colour.
3-    Volatile oil content.
4-    Moisture level.
5-    Aroma.
6-    Microbiological analysis.
7-    Pesticides residuals.
8-    Heavy metal.
9-    Insects and mold infections.
10-  Piperine content.
11-  Acid insoluble ash.

Other analysis required by our customer... 
100% sampling inspection guaranteed, we inspect each bag and take a representable sample from each; to guarantee the end customer quality specs satisfaction.  

Our production line of sterilization,metal detectors, vaccuming, milling, blending  and packing is assured and matching European union standards to end with the needed product specs and pre-determined quality.